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This edition we offer you two different types of boxes: an essential box filled with delicious plant-based food and an abundance box filled with the same product but with extra's like a Delight Yoga membership, a delicious candle from The Very Good Candle Co. and real Surinam piccalilly from Patu. Check out the list to see what's in the boxes this edition and please let us know which box you're interested in.

Extra in the Abundance Veg.Table box

picture by Noow

a Delight Yoga Online Membership

Yamba Health shakes and supplements

big bag of Smoked Paprika bites by BitesWeLove

spicy piccalilly by Patu

Asagiri candle by The Very Good Candle Co. (50 hours)

sauvignon blanc from Baltazar wine

Abundance box


Essential box


In the Essential and Abundance Veg.Table box

a delicious fresh bread by Baking Lab

Pumpkin Coconut spread by BUMI

spirulina bowl of The Breakfast Box

cheese fondue by Willicroft

'krombek'-beans + recipe by Marits Eetkamer

Smoked Paprika bites by BitesWeLove

Tumeric Active tea by Pukka

granola by Raw Happiness

emergency toiletpaper by The Good Roll

a bag of seeds by The Pollinators

chocolate by Wicked Food

YERBAkaas by Yerba

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The idea for the box came not too long ago but we wanted to share this as soon as possible. That's why the website is not optimal yet. We would like to ask you for the time being if you could fill in this form and we'll contact you for the payment (via Tikkie) and pick-up time. 

Amsterdam delivery

Our delivery in Amsterdam will be provided by Foodlogica. We will charge €8,50 for delivery in Amsterdam. 

Delivery outside Amsterdam

We can of course deliver the box outside Amsterdam, please email us where you live and we'll let you know how much the delivery costs will be.