YanFlorijn Wijn imports organic and natural wines from small artisan wineries in Europe. Our wines are delicious, sustainable and pure. The grapes are grown in healthy, biodiverse vineyards - filled with not only vines, but flowers, herbs and all the little bugs and insects. The grape juice is fermented and bottled without all sorts of procedures and additives to ‘create’ a desired flavor or appearance (like gelatin, fish glue, or other animal protein often used to clarify wines). The flavor is in the grapes! Pure, unadulterated, expressive. For this Veg-table box we’ve selected an Italian merlot from Friuli: juicy, crispy, with fresh red fruits, violets and some balsamic notes. (Also on the list of Marits Eetkamer!)

YanFlorijn Venchiarezza.jpg